Health Resolutions From the Doctor’s Office

Set your health resolutions for the new year!

By Dr. Yvette Lu.

Take charge of your health for the new year!

Cancer, heart disease, and stroke are the leading causes of death in Canada. Fortunately, we have screening tests to reduce our risk from these diseases.

Have you done all the recommended medical screening tests for your age and risk level? Check out my talk and blog for an overview of what screening tests you should be talking to your doctor about plus some tips on setting health resolutions for the 2017.

Happy New Year!


    • Lifestyle changes
      • quit smoking
      • exercise regularly
      • eat healthy foods, more fruits and vegetables, and smaller portions
      • maintain a healthy body weight
      • get adequate sleep
  • Keys to success:
    • set a small goal that is achievable
    • find a goal that motivates you!
    • get help – talk to your doctor or call 811 to get help from a nurse or dietician to achieve your health goals
    • set your goals with a friend so you will be accountable to someone
    • write your goals down and make them specific
    • examples of small goals:
        • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
        • Park farther away at the office or supermarket so you have to walk
        • Add 10 minutes of exercise to your week
        • Don’t go shopping hungry
        • Start reading labels and counting calories to become food aware
        • Call the dietician line 811in BC
        • Add a vegetable or fruit to your diet every day
        • Substitute water for one of your usual drinks
        • Use smaller plates to decrease portion size
        • Reduce the size of the treats that you have
        • Eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread



Healthlink BC

BC Cancer Screening Website

It’s my life: Canadian Cancer Society website on assessing your cancer risk


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